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You’re not the only student who got stuck with academic writing. If you ask around and everyone is honest, you’ll realize that most students rely on professional academic writing services.

It’s time to break the myth that successful students are more committed, diligent, and devoted than others. They are simply more ingenious than average students. When they encounter a problem, they find a solution.

What’s a successful student by your definition? Is it someone who spends their entire days between classes, studying, writing projects, and working to make ends meet? No. It’s someone who does all that but manages to find time to live a little, too.

When you get assignment writing help, you’ll manage your time much more effectively. You’ll get the work on time. But you’ll also find time for TV shows, friendships, and romance. You shouldn’t sacrifice all those things for grades.

What Is Academic Writing? Why Is It So Challenging?

We are not surprised to see an increased flow of orders for academic writing services lately. We understand what students are dealing with. We conducted a survey among our customers, asking why they are so challenged by academic writing:

  • Most students don’t understand: what is academic writing in the first place? Their professors never explained. The students write in a casual way. But their teachers don’t want to see casual style in the papers. They are after the “advanced academic” tone, which the student can’t get right.
  • Academic writing help during times of personal challenges. Do you think that a professor would understand when you’re going through a bad breakup, disease in your family, or a rough flu that made you incapable to study for weeks? No. They have their deadlines and they are pretty strict about them.
  • Referencing is hard, too. The student may complete an assignment, but they have to read and study an entire book to complete correct references.
  • Editing is an important aspect of academic writing, too. Many students need assistance during this last stage. It’s impossible for them to correct their own work. In their eyes, it’s already perfect.

What Makes EssayGeeks One of the Best Academic Writing Services UK? earned a reputation as the best essay writing service UK. We worked hard to reach that status, and we continue making improvements in our website and our overall approach to academic writing assistance.

These are a few of the reasons that make EssayGeeks one of the best academic writing services UK:

  • We work on your terms. When you come to us, you’re like our boss. You give us the instructions and we do everything in our power to follow them.
  • EssayGeeks is great at meeting deadlines. We’ve never missed one. You can set a deadline as short as 3 hours, and we’ll give you a guarantee to meet it.
  • We understand your needs for affordable assistance. UK universities are not getting any cheaper. You have crazy expenses, so you want to get the cheapest price possible for a high-quality paper. You’ll love our pricing system!
  • The best academic writers UK work for Essay Geeks. All our writers have postgraduate degrees. We base the choice of a writer on the principle of relevance. If your assignment is on a psychology topic, we’ll assign it to an expert with an MA or PhD in psychology.
  • No other service can match our level of quality. You can check the testimonials by our users; you’ll see that they are extremely happy with the way we meet their expectations.

How to Get Academic Writing Help UK

If you decided to hire our academic writing service, this is what the process will look like:

  1. What type of assistance do you need? Will you require a research paper, essay, or coursework help UK? The order form lets you choose the exact type of content that you need from our writers. Keep this to mind: we only offer 100% custom-tailored services. No pre-written or paraphrased papers here!
  2. You’ll complete the order form with all needed information: deadline, citation style, level, and more. Those are the instructions that we’ll follow. Please take your time to give them correctly.
  3. We’ll assign the most relevant writer to provide online academic writing services UK. They will deliver your paper by the deadline.
  4. You can always get revisions for free when you choose us. If you want us to improve something in the paper, just ask! Read our revisions policy, so you’ll be aware of your rights.

We Have the Best Academic Writers UK

EssayGeeks is a website that works from multiple aspects.

First of all, we offer fair prices and discounts. You’ll never find a service with such a great cost-effectiveness balance. Do you know how we achieve impressive quality for every single order? We hired the best British academic help writers.

Many of our writers are professors. They obtained their MA or PhD degrees, and they now work in the educational sector. They have first-hand experience with students who struggle with writing, so they decided to offer assistance through academic writing services UK.

Many of the writers do this as their primary job. They love writing, so they combine their education and talent in the career of their dreams. They travel around the world while working as professional writers.

Talent, education, and experience – those are the factors that make our writing team great. You will work with a British writer, who earned a postgraduate degree in a subject area that’s relevant to your topic.

Don’t Waste Time – Get Custom Academic Writing Services Today!

Did you check the prices for custom academic writing services on our website?

They start at only $19.99, but you’ll get a great 15% discount if you’re a first-time user.

The prices are lower when you assign a longer deadline. If you want to benefit from the knowledge, talent and experience of our academic writers for the lowest price possible, we suggest ordering the paper today.

If you have any questions or you faced issues after placing an order, feel free to contact us. The customer service agents are available to answer questions and provide support 24/7.


Our academic writing services are rated 4.9/5 based on 405 customers feedbacks.

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Great quality – I loved it!

Essay Geeks did a marvelous job with my English literature essay. It was a Shakespeare essay that was too long and too important for me to rush it. So, I bought it and did my other tasks on my own. When it arrived, I was more than happy with it. There was nothing to fix or edit. The support of this company can be faster, but other than that, I’m very happy with everything.

Great price, great value, got an A for it!

I hate history. Yes, that’s how I start this review. I hate everything about it, so when I got an essay task to write about some war (don’t even know which), I immediately copied the instructions and sent them to Essay Geeks. They always write great things for me, but this time they overdid it. It was so good, my professor added a + next to my A. Thanks.

Great essay, I loved it (professor did, too)!

I’m a very good student. It’s not common for me to buy things online. But, I found myself in a pickle. I didn’t think that I can buy a great paper, but I hoped for at least something average so that I don’t miss a deadline. I was pleasantly surprised (that’s an understatement) by what Essay Geeks delivered. This was better than any essay I’ve written – and wasn’t expensive, either.

College is much easier thanks to these people

College is much harder than I thought. I thought it would be mostly parties, some studying, and a lot of fun. It ended up being torture. Before I found, I didn’t have time to sleep, not to mention go to parties. Now I send them all of my research papers and projects and have a lot of free time on my hands. They are amazing.

EssayGeeks is a great source of quality assignments

My name is Keenan and I am a very bad writer. I order all kinds of things online from essays to research papers. I’ve used several companies before, but none of them even come close to Essay Geeks. If you order ahead and often, they have amazing discounts, even better support, and exceptional writers. My last order was for a Physics essay and it was great, as always.

My thesis was written to perfection!

College is much harder than I expected. When I finally came to its end, I had to power or motivation to write my thesis. did it for me. They wrote an amazing thesis for me, edited it, and delivered it in just a couple of days. I paid a small sum for it because of the welcome 15% discount.

They delivered an original, very good paper.

I received my first order from EssayGeeks just two days ago. It came highly recommended by my friend, so I gave them a shot. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the writing style. I used my plagiarism check just in case – zero plagiarism. I even tried to find some mistakes, but except for a small spelling issue, nothing more. I recommend them dearly.

EssayGeeks delivered a full report in just a day.

I never miss deadlines and I’m an A+ student. But, I have been so tired lately that I couldn’t remember a thing. I almost missed an important deadline for a book report in my Literature class. I remembered a day early and decided to buy it from EssayGeeks. The price was acceptable considering how fast I needed it, and the quality was more than I expected.